3 Top Mistakes to Avoid when Staining Concrete

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As you may have heard before, concrete is a versatile building material. It can be designed to look and feel like any surface and it can also be stained to match the color of a variety of building materials as well. If you have seen concrete that looks like wood you could almost believe that you are using wood then you would know how versatile concrete staining is.

Staining concrete can be done on your own but having a professional concrete staining company to help you is the best way to go. If you live in Chattanooga then the only company to rely on is Concrete Staining Chattanooga. With years of expertise working with concrete, you can count on Concrete Staining Chattanooga to avoid these three top mistakes when staining concrete.

1. Surface contamination

One of the most common problems that even professionals sometimes encounter is contamination of the concrete surface. There are a large number of stubborn stains like oils, wine, animal or pet urine and grease that may not appear when you start staining. These may become visible only after you are nearing the end of the staining process.

The only way to deal with this problem is to remove the stain before you even begin staining the concrete surface. Once you have managed to identify the stain, you will be able to remove this easily.

Spray the concrete with water before starting the staining. Some stains may be visible from the start but water will make the concrete look darker to reveal the areas where the stains are present. Spraying the concrete will remove the stains and enhance the quality of the sealing process.

2. Exposure to VOCs

VOCs are present in a number of products that are used in painting and staining concrete. These are fumes that can cause respiratory trouble when inhaled directly or indirectly. Most traditional paints still contain VOCs and other toxic compounds. Effects can vary from dizziness, headaches, changes in vision to loss of consciousness.

To completely avoid VOCs and its effects, choose organic paints or eco-friendly staining products. If these are not available, choose low VOCs products to paint concrete. You can check these out from any local hardware or paint store near you.

3. Problems with sealer

Another common problem is sealer failure. Usually this happens when the surface of the concrete was not prepared correctly or the stain may be applied incorrectly. If you find small spots on the surface of the concrete, hide this using spray paint of the same color. If you find larger, harder to conceal spots then the best way to hide these is to reseal. Most of the time resealing is the best option to prevent further appearance of spots and imperfections on the surface of your concrete. ​

Concrete Staining Chattanooga is ready to help you stain your concrete wall or flooring. Professional help is on its way. Just contact concrete staining professionals in Chattanooga and you will soon have well-stained concrete for any application.

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