How to choose the best epoxy floor coating

Identifying which coating is the best for your residential, commercial, or industrial flooring can be challenging and confusing, especially when you have no idea what are the types and uses of epoxy floor coating.

As an expert concrete, floor coating and maintenance contractors, Concrete Staining Pro Chattanooga will be sharing a quick guide in helping you choose the best epoxy floor coating.

We do understand the importance of choosing the best floor coating, and we don’t want you to overlook the significance of it on your next project. Choosing the right floor coating will not just make your facility look better, but it will always keep your family or employees safe.

3 Steps to determine the best epoxy floor coating

There are several floor coatings to choose from, and you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with plenty of options. Here are the simple steps to start determining which floor epoxy coating is best for you. ​

1. Know what your facility’s needs

The main concern that needs your keen attention is knowing precisely as to what type of condition your floor coating will encounter daily. In this way, you will distinguish if you require special features on your floor coating.

Moreover, this will help you understand the level of endurance and sturdiness of your floor. So, you need to know if it has to be a slip-resistant, chemical-resistant, smooth surface, can withstand unusual temperature, etc.

​On top of that, you need to discern if you need to follow specific statutes, for example, the floors in a food industry need to meet USDA safety regulations. It is imperative to acknowledge any other significant activity that may affect the floor condition.

2. Perform a Moisture Vapor Emission Test

According to experts, the leading cause of flooring failures is moisture that’s why it is essential to conduct this test to prevent you from costly problems later. If not done moisture can generate an extensive range of flooring problems which can occur in months or even years after the installation.

​These problems include cupping, buckling, blistering, crazing, delamination, distorting, flaking, pop-outs, efflorescence, discoloration, cracks, swollen joints, and even mildew growth.

3. Do your research

Information is only one click away nowadays. It is best to research all the different types of floor coatings and its uses. Once you have found which kind of floor coating you need it is also best to ask an expert or do more research as to the pros and cons of the specific coating.

It is also best to know the maintenance of your preferred coat. You might want to consider if it’s high maintenance or not. This will help you calculate how much budget you will allocate on the coating not just from the installation but in the long run.

For further help and assistance, it is beneficial to ask an expert. Concrete Staining Pro Chattanooga would be happy to assist you from choosing the best epoxy floor coating up to the installation and completion of your project. Call us today, and our skilled and expert team will help you install the best floor coating for your facility.

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